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Are you looking for Batteries Services for your vehicle?


From starting a car’s engine to powering all the electronic components, batteries play a crucial role in a vehicle’s mechanism. Without a fully-functioning battery, car owners will not be able to start the ignition system or turn on the lights or use the windscreen wipers.

If you pay attention to the tell-tale signs of a failing battery, you can save yourselves from being stranded in the middle of the road with a dead car battery.

At Stewart and Smart, we have trained professionals who can diagnose the underlying causes of a failing battery and advise accordingly. We have an extensive collection of car battery Milnathort from the leading brands including Bosch, Yuasa, GP Batteries, Varta etc.

    When should you opt for a battery replacement?

    Every car battery has its own lifespan and generally lasts around five years (if maintained properly). But in most cases, batteries require a replacement after the 3-year mark.

    Also, several external factors account for a reduced life span of this essential car component.

    What causes a car battery to malfunction?

    Vehicle batteries remain charged by reusing the energy generated from driving.

    A lot of short trips, for example, prevent the battery from recharging, which can put a strain on the system. You also shouldn’t leave the car lights or other electronic devices on if you aren’t driving. Apart from that, a bad alternator can also lead to battery failure.

    What are the signs of a failing car battery?

    If you come across the following issues, please contact Stewart and Smart for a thorough inspection and replacement.

  • A slow engine start
  • Batteries require energy to start the engine. A dying battery cannot harness adequate energy, which in effect, compels the engine to crank more slowly than usual. A bad starter or alternator may seem to be the troubling factor.

  • Clicking sound on turning the key
  • If you hear a clicking sound while turning the ignition key, this indicates that the required energy to start the engine is not there. In such cases, either you need to undertake a jump start or you need car battery replacement Milnathort to resolve the issue.

    Please get in touch with us for a prompt solution.

  • Dim headlights and other electrical issues
  • Batteries are responsible for powering all the electronic components in a vehicle – from starting the headlights to radio and other accessories. If these components are malfunctioning, you must opt for a battery replacement from a professional service station.

  • Foul rotten egg smell
  • Have you noticed a rotten egg smell coming from the engine bay? This mainly happens when the battery leaks fluid. Be sure to take this issue seriously and contact us at your earliest convenience.

  • Swollen battery case
  • Under extreme hot or cold conditions, batteries can swell or crack. If car owners notice misshapen or swollen batteries, it is a clear indication that the component is not functioning properly.

    Apart from these signs, if you notice corroded battery terminals or there are frequent engine backfires, you need professional automobile services.

    Conclude your search for “battery repairing service near me” with our expert team at Stewart and Smart.

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