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Are you looking for Exhaust Service for your vehicle?

Exhaust Service

The exhaust system of your car is an important part that routes away harmful gases from the engine and from the cabin for a safe and comfortable driving experience. Moreover, the exhaust is also responsible for converting noxious gases produced during the combustion process into harmless fumes to reduce environmental pollution.

Therefore, it becomes crucial to opt for a routine exhaust check, as a fault in the system can reduce your car’s roadworthiness and prevent it from passing the annual MOT test.

Stewart and Smart is an authorised garage for exhaust service Milnathort. Equipped with advanced machinery and trained experts, we offer a thorough diagnosis of your car’s exhaust system. We also stock genuine spare parts, and can thus easily replace the damaged exhaust components with utmost care and precision.

What are the symptoms of a malfunctioning exhaust system?

It is important for car owners to know about the symptoms of a malfunctioning exhaust system so that they can seek expert help at the right time.

For your convenience, we have listed some of the common issues that a vehicle runs into when the exhaust system is damaged:

Excessive noise -If your car’s exhaust system is damaged, there will be increased engine noise. This can be caused by any crack in the pipe, due to a rusted muffler or a leaking manifold gasket.

Reduced fuel economy -A noticeable drop in fuel economy is a tell-tale indicator of a damaged exhaust system. This is because a faulty exhaust affects the engine’s performance, causing it to burn more fuel.

Slow acceleration -Any leak in the exhaust system can lead to poor acceleration, causing you to put in extra effort to extract power from the motor.

Banging or knocking sounds -A broken exhaust pipe or damaged muffler can lead to a banging and knocking sound from beneath the vehicle.

A stench of noxious gases -Since a malfunctioning exhaust fails to filter out the harmful gases, it leads to an increased amount of noxious fumes, creating a strong stench inside the cabin. This can cause serious health problems, and thus it requires immediate attention.

Engine misfires: Your car’s engine can misfire if there is a problem with the exhaust system. This is generally caused when there is any obstruction in the pipe and the fumes fail to escape.

Apart from these, there can also be other warning signs, like:

  • Rusted exhaust components caused by condensation
  • Burning smell from the engine bay
  • Leaking exhaust
  • Low hanging exhaust pipe

How can Stewart and Smart help you out?

If you come across any of these symptoms, you should immediately book an expert exhaust repair Milnathort from Stewart and Smart for an early diagnosis and replacement/repairs.

We will thoroughly inspect all the exhaust components, which include:

  • Exhaust manifold
  • Catalytic convertor
  • Exhaust tailpipes
  • Muffler
  • Oxygen sensors, etc.

All these components are essential for the smooth performance of your car’s exhaust and even a minute issue in the system can jeopardise the performance and safety of your car.

Moreover, at our garage, we stock genuine spares for all car ranges. So, be it a regular passenger car or an SUV, we can cater to any requirement.

That’s why you need look no further for “exhaust servicing near me” and should simply visit our garage today! 

To learn more or to book an appointment, please have a closer look at our official website or call us on 01577 862423 during business hours.

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