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If you’re driving a car that is more than three years old, you must ensure that it meets the standards set by DVSA. MOT tests are government-mandated annual checks that determine your vehicle’s roadworthiness and safety. If your car fails to comply with the rules set by DVSA, you won’t be able to drive it legally anywhere in the UK.

Depending on the type of vehicle, car owners can opt for either Class 4 or Class 7 MOT at our garage – Stewart and Smart. The former is required for all passenger vehicles while the latter is for commercial vehicles that carry heavy loads between 3000-5000 kg .

Any issue detected during an MOT test is categorised into three categories: major, dangerous and minor. While minor issues still allow your vehicle to pass the test, any major or dangerous issue leads to an instant failure.

Are you looking for a professional garage for MOT Milnathort ? You’ve been ushered into the right place. Stewart and Smart is one of the very few MOT registered garages in the locality that offer MOT for Class 4 and 7 vehicles.

Checks included in an MOT test

Here are some of the essential car parts that are checked in Class 4 and 7 MOT tests:

  • Wheels and tyres: Our certified experts perform thorough checks to ensure that your car’s wheels and tyres meet the set standards. Excessively damaged wheels will result in a failed MOT test. Also, your car’s tyres must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. Anything below this level is considered illegal and unsafe.
  • Lights: Inspection of your vehicle’s lights is an essential part of MOT test Milnathort.
  • The rules enforced by DVSA require all the lights of your vehicle to be in optimum condition.

  • Fuel and exhaust: MOT checks include a thorough inspection of a vehicle’s emission levels. If some of its harmful constituents like carbon monoxide or hydrocarbons are above the permissible levels, it will result in an MOT failure. Our technician will connect your vehicle to a computer to take the readings of the harmful gases. The test also involves an inspection of the fuel system.
  • Seat belts: Since seat belts are vital for the safety of all passengers, extra attention is given to these parts during the checks. All seat belts of the vehicle must retract properly and should be free of rips, tears or fraying. Moreover, a seat belt with loose anchorage is categorised as a major issue and thus leads to an MOT failure.
  • Suspension: Our certified MOT inspector performs a thorough check of your car’s suspension system to ensure it adheres to the standards. Fractured springs, missing or severely damaged shock absorbers are all common causes of a failed MOT test. Also, car owners must steer clear of any modification that might lead to the failure of other car parts.
  • Brakes: Stats suggest that approximately 13% of the vehicles in the UK fail to clear their MOT tests due to a faltering braking system. These checks involve an in-depth examination of the braking system, which includes the brake pedal, handbrake, hydraulic systems and brake pads. Unusual lag in the braking function, worn-out brake pads or inadequate travel of the footbrake will result in an MOT failure.

If your vehicle passes the test, you will be issued a VT20 certificate. Failing the check will land you a VT30 certificate. For minor faults you will receive a so-called advisory note, telling you what work should be carried out on the vehicle in due course. We can also conduct post-MOT repairs to ensure that your automobile passes the re-test without any hassle.

Your hunt for the most reliable and cost-effective “MOT check Milnathort ends here with Stewart and Smart- the go-to destination for all car-related troubles.

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