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Privacy Policy

This website belongs to Stewart and Smart, hereafter referred to as "we" and "our company". All the privacy policies mentioned in this website are solely for our organisation and do not apply to any other garage or company.

We ask you to go through each and every term of the policy given below to understand the data we store and the importance behind it. You must use this website only if you accept the policies we have listed below.

General terms

All the terms, conditions and policies that we have listed in this website lie under the jurisdiction of the English law. Hence, if any dispute arises over these policies and terms, it will be subjected to a settlement by the English Court. Further, if we present any additional terms and conditions for prize competitions, press-release offers and other events alike, it will be notified to the customers on time.


Any online booking of products will be confirmed only after we receive the complete payment. We will inform you about the confirmation via the email ID you provide to us during the registration process in our website.

Information collected by us

We collect information related to your name, contact details, address, email ID, search history, cookies, IP address and pages you request and demographic details to offer a more personalised service. This information helps us understand our customers’ preferences and hence develop our services as per the needs.


All the features of this website will operate adequately only if the cookies are allowed. The cookies again help us to offer a more personalised service. It will help our company to improve the website's performance. Further, it will increase visitors' interaction to provide relevant adverts by understanding your preference via the collection of all essential information about your interests.

Payment details

We understand our customers' concern about financial safety while processing a transaction with credit or debit cards online. Therefore, we treat all your financial and payment data with utmost safety. We assure you that we do not store any information about your card in our server. Further, we never share any detail of your card with other organisations until and unless a particular organisation works on our behalf.

Availability of products

If a particular product that you have ordered and made the payment for is not available in our stock, we will inform you. We will either offer you an alternative product with your consent or initiate a complete return which will be credited within the minimum time possible.


If a particular product is already installed in your vehicle and turns out to be defective, we will not be able to offer any refund. However, we will offer you the provision to buy a replacement product and send the faulty product for a detailed inspection to the manufacturer. If the manufacturer confirms that there were certain issues in the product, we will refund you the entire replacement amount in full.

Data protection rights

We also offer our customers suitable data protection rights. They can obtain information about these transactions and other details by connecting with our customer support. However, the request will be accepted only after the payment of a particular processing charge.

If you accept the given policy terms, you are allowing Stewart and Smart to collect information about yourself to provide personalised service and enhance your browsing experience. 

However, we reserve the right to make necessary alterations in terms of the policies if required. Hence, we ask you to keep a continuous check on this website to remain updated.

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