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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?


Summers can be hard on several car components, leading to poor performance during the warmer part of the year.

To ensure that your car is in perfect working condition, it is imperative to make your vehicle summer-ready with professional summer checks.

At Stewart and Smart, we provide comprehensive car summer check Milnathort, Kinross. We have highly trained professionals who thoroughly check all the essential car components.

What’s included in our car summer check?

  • Battery: The fluid inside your car battery evaporates with increasing heat on summer days. During our summer car service Milnathort , our professionals check all the internal parts, and clean the cables and terminals; they also guide car owners in the event where a replacement is required. We stock car batteries from leading brands for your convenience.
  • Oil levels: Old oil or incorrect oil levels can cause overheating, leading to major damage to the car engine. Our experts ensure the oil levels are accurate and will top them up accordingly.
  • Coolant: Our vehicle services Milnathort include checking the coolant level and topping it up if needed.
  • Tyres: During our summer car check, we also check your car tyres’ condition. We will measure the tyre pressure and tread depth. We also recommend that clients opt for a set of summer tyres for enhanced handling and traction.
  • Air conditioning: Our technicians will check all the essential components of your car AC and re-gas it if need be.

In addition to the above checks, our experts may also check the windscreen wipers, top up the washer fluid reserve and conduct various other checks depending on the condition of your vehicle.

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