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Are you looking for Tyre Labelling for your vehicle?

The EU passed legislation in 2012 to make car tyre labelling a mandatory part of tyre retail. These labels ensure all tyres conform to eco-friendly standards and make customers aware of the same during purchase.

We, at Stewart and Smart, will break down the basics of tyre labelling for your understanding to help you buy the ideal set of car tyres Milnathort from our collection.


Understanding EU tyre label

Read on to understand in detail the fundamentals of tyre labels and what they stand for.

  • Wet Grip
  • Higher chances of aquaplaning mean greater on-road risks in wet conditions. This is why the efficiency of a tyre’s wet grip is key to your safety in rainy weather. The wet braking of a tyre denotes the distance travelled by the vehicle before coming to a halt, on applying its brakes.

    Wet grip scale on tyre labels comprises a rating of A to G, with each letter denoting an additional stopping distance of 2.5 metres at a 50mph speed. Car-owners can now easily buy tyres Milnathort with the best braking efficiency. Ideally, tyres with rating A to D are considered the safest.

  • Fuel Efficiency
  • The rolling resistance of car tyres plays a significant part in deciding your vehicle’s fuel consumption. This is indicated by the ratings for fuel economy, which also range from A to G, colour-coded from green to orange to red. With this label, you can compare the tread quality of car tyres Milnathort, responsible for rolling resistance, which is minimum for a green ‘A’ rating, and maximum for a red ‘G’ rating. Thus, fuel economy deteriorates gradually from A to G.

  • Noise Emission
  • Tyre labels use a scale of three ‘sound wave’ bars to measure different levels of noise generation. A rating of one black bar denotes noise levels equal to 3 dB or more within the EU standards.

Tyres with two bars have safe noise levels as per both present and future standards, while three bars indicate tyres which are safe for present use but might fail future safety standards.

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