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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?


Correct tyre pressure ensures optimum vehicle handling and safety. Most modern vehicles in the UK are now equipped with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, or TPMS, which notifies the driver in real-time if the tyre pressure drops.

If your car does not have a TPMS, you need to be far more careful and opt for routine tyre pressure checks at a professional garage.

Stewart and Smart offers accurate  tyre pressure check Milnathort.

Also, we recommend you come to us for tyre pressure checks if your vehicle’s TPMS sensors are malfunctioning. Damaged TPMS sensors and valves do not relay accurate tyre pressure data.

Causes of TPMS failure

  • Corrosion and broken components
  • TPMS sensors are usually exposed to salt, water, dust, mud and dirt. These elements eventually corrode the sensors as well as the other metallic components. As a result, parts of the TPMS, like valve stem core and sensor nut, can disintegrate and collapse into the tyre. Consequently, you won’t be receiving correct tyre pressure data from the system.

  • Battery failure and other electrical issues
  • TPMS sensors are powered by lithium-ion batteries that, naturally, have a limited life-span. Once the battery dies, the sensor will not be able to relay accurate pressure data.

    Book a session with Stewart and Smart for a proper tyre pressure check. We use advanced tools to safely record the tyre pressure without damaging the units.

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Our professional tyre pressure check Milnathort will ensure that your car tyres are running on adequate pressure.

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