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Cooper Tire & Rubber Company owns Avon, which has a tyre-making experience spanning over 100 years. In this long duration, Avon has continuously embraced the latest technologies and designs to offer quality tyres at affordable prices.

Stewart and Smart is the ideal destination to purchase a set of Avon tyres Milnathort.

If you want, you can easily book a set of tyres online from our website.

What types of Avon tyres do we sell?

We sell Avon tyres for:

  • Summer Tyres
  • Winter Tyres
  • All-season Tyres
  • Performance cars Tyres
  • 4x4s Tyres
  • Run-flats Tyres, etc.

All-season Avon car tyres Milnathort

All-weather tyres produced by Avon feature all the qualities that ensure reliable traction and control irrespective of the weather condition. For instance, the advanced tyre construction and silica-enriched rubber compounds guarantee longevity and the 3D grooves and sipes enable faster evacuation of water, snow and slush.

Our top pick:

  • AS7 All Season

Summer Avon tyres Milnathort

Like all weather units, Avon’s summer tyres also promise optimum performance and safety at temperatures above 7 degree Celsius. They are crafted using customised hard rubber materials to offer optimum grip and short braking distances.

The following units are popular among our clients:

  • ZV7
  • ZX7
  • ZT7
  • AV12

Avon winter tyres

Winter tyres from Avon are specially designed to tackle the harsh winter conditions, especially when the mercury drops below 7 degree Celsius. You can stay assured of enhanced cornering stability and safety, thanks to its superior grip, directional tread pattern and hydroplaning resistance.

So, if you are looking for the best set of Avon car tyres Milnathort for winter use, you can pick one from the following:

  • WV7 SNOW
  • WT7 SNOW

So, with us, your search for ‘Avon tyres near me’ comes to an end!

For more information related to our products, please ring us on 01577 8624223.

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