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The Japanese tyre manufacturer, Yokohama Rubber Company Ltd., became tremendously popular worldwide since its invention of the Aspec A300 tyre model.

Acknowledging the brand’s demand in the United Kingdom, we, Stewart and Smart, stock the entire collection of Yokohama tyres Milnathort.

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All-Season Tyres

All-season Yokohama car tyres Milnathort  are designed to perform throughout the year. These units feature characteristics of both summer and winter tyres, and hence, offer incredible traction and performance on dry and wet conditions.

BLUEARTH 4S AW1 is one popular all-season tyre model fabricated by Yokohama.

However, in areas that witness extreme temperature drops, below 7 degree Celsius, all-season units may not perform well. This is where winter tyres come into play.

Winter Tyres

In order to have proper grip and traction on snow and slush, Yokohama’s winter  car tyres Milnathort  come with deeper tread blocks and more sipes on the tyre surface. These eventually help to disperse water quickly and reduce the chances of hydroplaning. Some of the winter models designed by Yokohama are as follows:

  • W.DRIVE V902B

Summer Tyres

Unlike winter units, summer tyres are crafted to perform exceptionally at temperatures above 7 degree Celsius. These products offer superior traction on both dry and wet surfaces along with low rolling resistance.

Our best picks include:


We also sell Yokohama’s run-flat, performance and 4x4 tyres for your convenience.

So, instead of searching ‘tyres near me’, head to our website to buy tyres online or directly visit our branch to buy Yokohama tyres Milnathort.

You can certainly also call us on 01577 862423.

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