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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


If your car’s wheels are not adequately balanced, it will immensely affect the stability of your vehicle, impair car handling and will also increase the chances of accidents. In most cases, experts recommend a wheel balancing check after every 6,000 miles, and as a standard practice, after the installation of new tyres.

Every vehicle-owner should thus go by the rules and opt for routine car wheel balancing Milnathort, Kinross from a reliable and authorised garage.

Stewart and Smart’s wheel balancing services are highly sought-after in Milnathort. With advanced balancing equipment and a team of trained experts, our garage will ensure that all the wheels of your car are correctly balanced so that you enjoy an unrivalled driving experience.

Why is wheel balancing needed?

Wheel balancing involves evening out the weight distribution across the tyre and wheel assemblies so that they roll efficiently on any road condition without affecting traction and control. 

Professional wheel balancing becomes important because the weight of new tyres and wheels is often not distributed equally across the entire surface. Moreover, with constant tread wear, some parts of a tyre come to have extra weight compared to the others, and therefore, affect the performance of the vehicle. In addition, the stem hole of a car’s wheel also deducts a certain amount of weight from one part of the structure.

At Stewart and Smart, our experts will identify the spots of wheel imbalance and add the necessary counterweights at appropriate positions to even out the weight disparity.

What are the symptoms of unbalanced wheels?

If your car’s wheels are not adequately balanced, they will show several warning signs, like:

  • Bouncy rides
  • Vibrations in the floorboards and steering wheel
  • Excessive fuel consumption
  • Increased braking distance
  • Uneven tread wear 
  • Poor car handling, etc.

Car owners often confuse wheel balancing and wheel alignment. It is, therefore, crucial to engage expert assistance which will help you to identify the crux of the problem.

How do we perform wheel balancing?

We are an advanced garage for wheel balancing Milnathort and use only top-notch equipment and balancers for the entire process.

Our experts follow the standard wheel balancing procedure, which involves three main steps as stated below:

  • Mounting the wheel on our wheel balancing machine and rotating it at high speed
  • Identifying the areas of weight imbalance.
  • Adding counterweights on the external or internal surface of the wheel.

We are adept in both static and dynamic wheel balancing.

If you are still searching for a “wheel balancing garage near me”, visit our official website to book an appointment with our experts or call us on 01577 862423 today.

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