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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?


At Stewart and Smart, we provide a thorough car winter check Milnathort. Backed by years of experience, our professionals ensure each crucial car component is minutely checked and is in perfect working condition.

Components we check during winter service Milnathort

To ensure the safety and road-worthiness of your car, you should opt for a comprehensive winter car check from us.

  • Battery - Cold and damp weather impacts a car’s battery heavily. Also, with the added strain of heater and other electronic components, batteries can perform poorly during winter. Our service ensures that your car battery is charged, protected and secured, and we will also guide car owners if a battery replacement is necessary.
  • Coolant and antifreeze - Most engine-related issues occur with the cooling system. Our winter check ensures that the cooling system is in perfect condition and the antifreeze level is adequate.
  • Windscreen wipers - During the colder months, windscreen wipers need to be in optimum condition. At our facility, we check if the windscreen wipers are working properly and will suggest a replacement if required.
  • Lights - Both front and rear lights of a car must be in perfect working condition and intact. Our winter car servicing includes this check as well.
  • Tyres - During our winter check, we inspect the tyre tread depth and pressure and recommend a replacement with winter tyres if necessary.

You can thus conclude your search for the ‘best car repairing garage near me’ with Stewart and Smart

For more information on seasonal car servicing, drive down to our garage at 8–16 Stirling Rd, Milnathort, Kinross KY13 9XG.

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