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Are you looking for Winter Wheels for your vehicle?

When it comes to winter wheels, choosing the right type is essential. There are of two types: alloy wheels and steel wheels, and each come with some pros and cons.

At Stewart and Smart, we stock both types of winter wheels. However, allow us to elaborate on them so that you can make an informed decision when buying winter wheels Milnathort, Kinross.


Alloy wheels for winters

The primary feature that makes an alloy wheel standout is its aesthetics. Most car owners invest in alloy wheels for their appearance and style. Furthermore, these units offer more customisation options than their steel counterparts.

Alloy wheels are also well-suited for winter use due to their lighter weight. These are made with a fusion of metals, like magnesium, aluminium, nickel or a combination of such lighter metals. As a result, an alloy wheel weighs less than a steel wheel. Additionally, the lighter weight enables quicker acceleration, less strain on the suspension and increased fuel economy.

However, alloy wheels are not as durable. These units are prone to bends and cracks. Also, they are much more expensive than their steel counterparts.

Steel winter wheels Milnathort

Steel wheels are known for their robustness. So, when it comes to strength and durability, these units are matchless in terms of winter use. Additionally, steel wheels can withstand extreme pressure without breaking. In fact, cracking a steel wheel is quite a challenge.

Price is another equally significant factor of steel wheels. Car-owners prefer these units as they are an economical option.

But, on the downside, steel wheels are not as aesthetically pleasing. A steel wheel is much heavier than an alloy unit, which puts a bit of an extra strain on the suspension components, thereby lowering your car’s acceleration and agility. Further, steel wheels come in limited sizes.

So, which of these winter wheels Milnathort should you opt for?

We believe this decision depends on your driving behaviour and preference.

However, for an expert opinion on the matter, you can head over to us. Our technicians will help you to choose a unit that suits your vehicle ideally so that you can stop searching for the “best winter wheels near me”.

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